The ICICAM 2017 aims to address the main issues of concern within the themes of informatics, computing, applied mathematics and the related areas. On top of that, a special theme on technology is included. This conference welcomes submission of high quality research and review articles based on four themes but not limited to, that are further divided into more detailed sub themes given below. Moreover, innovative contributions that don’t fit into these theme will also be considered since they might be of benefit to conference attendees.

Informatics and Computing

  • High Performance Computing
  • Information System
  • Intelligent System
  • Decision Support System & Soft Computing
  • Data Mining & Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • Software Engineering
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Computer Graphics & Virtualization
  • Computer Networking & Telecommunication
  • Information Security & Cryptography
  • Digital Forensics & Cyber Investigation
  • Information Assurance and Information Warfare
  • Mobile computing & Wireless Systems
  • Web Services & Technology
  • Operations Research
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Concurrent, Parallel & Distributed Computing
  • Computer Architecture and Engineering
  • Real-Time & Embedded Systems
  • Ubiquitous Networks
  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Applied Mathematics
  • Complex Analysis & Numerical Analysis
  • Group Theory and Game Theory
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Applied Probability and Stochastic Analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Biomedical
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Industrial Design
  • Automotive Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Fashion & Textile
  • Materials
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Management technology

Contributors are welcome to submit an abstract for a choice of oral presentation or poster presentation. For this abstract, authors are given an option to write and submit a full paper version for publication into a journal (subjected to journal's guidelines) at no extra cost.

General Guidelines for the Preparation of Abtract/Full Paper

The abstract shall be prepared in one page .docx or .pdf format and it must be written in English. The reviewers will be assigned to review the abstract and to decide if the content is suitable for the conference or otherwise, and an acknowledgement will follow via an email. If accepted, the email will be accompanied with a template for poster presentation as well as for the journal (suggested by the reviewer) to which the full paper (optional for all authors) will be submitted for publication.

Publication of Conference Articles

All accepted articles have been published in the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS (UAE) [ISSN: 2227-524X] under 3 different special issues:

1) https://www.sciencepubco.com/index.php/ijet/issue/view/383,
2) https://www.sciencepubco.com/index.php/ijet/issue/view/318,
3) https://www.sciencepubco.com/index.php/ijet/issue/view/317

All papers should have been indexed by SCOPUS.