Advances in computing, informatics and applied mathematics domains is increasing at a steady pace. The use of computers to solve complex problems can be seen in various sectors such as education, banking, agriculture, government, manufacturing, film, online business and many others. In the future, the merger between the three areas is expected to be more rapid, powerful, and comprehensive. The need for a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to meet present and future needs is critical.

The organization of the International Conference on Informatics, Computing and Applied Mathematics 2017 (ICICAM2017) is aimed at providing a platform to allow discussion, exchange of ideas and research results, knowledge sharing, and exploration of new ideas and generate creativity and innovation in the field of computing, informatics and applied mathematics in various aspects of everyday life.

Faculty Informatic and Computer have an experience to handle this conference according the past of program
  • MyEduSec07 (28-29 Mei 2007)
  • MyEduSec08 (17-18 Ogos 2008)
  • International Conference on Informatics & Applications'12 (3-5 Jun 2012) – at UniSZA which involved the participation of 18 countries
ICICAM 2017 focuses on issues in the areas of informatics, computational and applied mathematics and various other related fields.

The conference invites involvement of subject matter experts, academics, researchers and policy makers to discuss, present and share ideas and experiences to resolve the issues that exist in the field of their research as well as provide an opportunity to explore areas or sub-areas new to continue the fight as an academician at the same time can help resolve problems that arise in the government, corporate and community.